Importation and Procurement Services

Whether you want to import one firearm or controlled component or one hundred we can help. Through a good working knowledge of the process, specialised customs brokers where required as well as appropriate freight forwarders, most transactions can be completed without much fuss. Imported firearms, barrels and parts can then be forwarded to you nationally, via your nominated local dealer.


Exports from the USA are now proceeding via airfreight on a quarterly basis. More or less anything available in the US market place that can be legally owned here, can be procured and imported. With our recent change to regular quarterly shipments the waiting period for your goods will be minimised.


It is important that you clearly identify exactly what you are after with a product number or web link. Very soon I will have a procurement request form available for download so all the details can be provided as efficiently as possible to aid the accurate and most cost-effective sourcing of your requirements. In the mean time please email with as much information as necessary to definitively identify the item/s.


Please email me for cost estimates and details at:


We also provide agency services for firearms, ammunition and related controlled elements and devices. Even if it’s a bit out of left field and requires significant ground-work, we will do all we can to assist in a thoroughly compliant, discrete and professional manner.