The T-Bones Workbench


T-bone Shipwrighting focuses on vintage service rifle optimisation, through the contract manufacturing of modern replacement barrels, the procurement of commercially available replacement barrels and the gunsmithing to install these barrels, maintain, restore or customize the rifles and optimize their function for whatever purpose. In addition to this, we order barrels and blanks to customer specification from Lothar Walther Germany, airfreighted on a quarterly basis and will be doing the same from the USA for any products you care to specify.


I can confirm that any orders for custom Lothar Walther barrels ordered before the end of November can be delivered in my shipment due be available in February 2018.
These are superb barrels and the range of calibre, twist, contours, chambering and thread options as well as others in both moly and stainless is excellent and extensive. Please refer to the following link: http://www.lothar-walther.de/114.php and advise your requirements by email or message and I’ll shoot you a quote.
I offer fitting for most rifle models and options and at this stage any reamer requirements (including custom requirements) can be procured before the barrels land.
Individual and dealer enquiries welcome!



While the core presently is service rifle services, we regularly install sporting rifle and target rifle barrels, do bedding work and various stock work and other assorted bits and pieces. Hot bluing happens as regularly as necessary, and rust bluing is available too.


We are happy to export all products to any countries where export permission is granted. Canada and NZ are a piece of cake, and at no additional cost except the postage on barrels.

Check out what’s new and what’s coming up in Interesting Possibilities, or Facebook which has a fairly up to date assortment of recent jobs to illustrate what we do.

We also provide importation services for firearms, parts and weapons, for both private clients or commercial enterprises.